excursion to the reef

This tour is not run by Sasaa Tours but Aliboni recommends as much appreciated, economic and undemanding requiring only a few hours but will allow you to discover the marine life that inhabits the coral reefs, including shellfish, tropical fish, crabs and polyps. The sailors of the group led by the famous “Captain Schumacher” will transport aboard a ngalawa, typical boat Zanzibar carved from a tree trunk, first along the reef where you will walk admiring stars, fish etc. Then we go back by boat to go to a strip of sand where you can relax or do other snorkeling among colorful schools of fish. Imperative the use of rubber shoes, masks and fins for any snorkling and high sunscreen. The cost of this excursion (which is not offered by the holiday resorts) is only $ 15, with discounts for children and groups. The excursion can also be done by just one couple for a romantic moment. Watch the video presentation of “Captain Schumacher”